Tom Comerford was a founder member of The Whole Shabang, one of the most successful, hard-working and respected Irish bands on the North American scene through the 1990’s. Since 1999 he has continued to work as a full-time entertainer, albeit in a solo capacity, and this allows him a certain amount of flexibility. Whether entertaining a group of visitors to Ireland, performing at a corporate event, or flying high at a festival, you’re going to experience Tom in his natural habitat.

Recording has remained a priority with Tom, and 2015 sees the proud release of his most recent work “Under Cover,” which is a slight departure from the norm. Not strictly an Irish album, this newest release was recorded using only acoustic instruments played by many of Tom’s friends and fellow colleagues in the business. The album contains cover-versions of some well-known hits re-made in a style that is uniquely Tom’s and not so well-known songs that are sure to quickly become favorites as well. Tom does some great versions of songs by such artists as The Carpenters, The Eagles, Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, and Randy Travis. While this may not strictly be an Irish album, it certainly still has an Irish “accent.” It’s a little folksy and a little country, too.

This new release follows on the back of two releases in 2013, namely, “Songs and Stories Live,” and “Galway Girl.”

“Songs and Stories Live:” Having entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the past number of years, one of the most commonly asked questions of Tom is, “Where can we get a CD that gives us the stories and songs, and the atmosphere of the performance we have just seen?” This album was the answer to that very question. The songs and stories were recorded in front of a live audience, who weren’t aware that they were being recorded at the time, so all reactions on are 100% authentic. Stories such as “The Rural Pub” and “The Wake in the Pub” are rich with history and are told as only Tom can tell a story.

“Galway Girl:” The title track on this album is the theme song from the movie “P.S. I Love You,” and is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Irish songs of the past 15 years. This CD also contains the classic “The Black Velvet Band,” “Fields of Athenry,” “The Irish Wedding Song,” and the hauntingly beautiful Irish love song entitled “The Voyage.” All of Tom’s CDs can be purchased from this website.

No stranger to touring, Tom still takes to the road with enthusiasm, entertaining not just in Ireland, but through the UK, Europe, and America. You’ll also find him appearing with Andy Cooney, Ronan Tynan and more, on the annual Cruise of Irish Stars.

Have you ever thought about making a trip to Ireland yourself? If so, Tom is quite the tour leader extraordinaire and loves nothing more than to show off the hidden gems of Ireland to a group of visitors, while also entertaining them at night and getting everyone involved in a good old-fashioned Irish sing-a-long. He operates these tours on an annual basis using a professional driver/guide, luxury touring coach, and, where possible, family-owned hotels. For information e-mail

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