1. The Long Way Home

2. So Long Ago

3. Molly Finnegan’s Bar

4. Come Together

5. A Sign Of The Times

6. Ship Of Dreams

7. Waiting For Dawn

8. Movin’ On

9. Half Empty

10. Always The Way

11. The Sand And The Seagulls

12. The Frog Princess

13. Heading For The Promised Land

14. The Sand And The Seagulls (Un-Plugged)….

A SIGN OF THE TIMES – I really didn’t expect to have a new album in 2011, but there’s a really good story behind this. It involves a bet made with an Englishman, while drinking pints of Guinness beside a roaring peat fire, in a pub in County Mayo, Ireland, three hours after closing time! The full story is told in the liner notes of the CD.

Little did I know, that the man to whom I was talking that night, Steve Johnstone, would become a firm friend, and one of my favourite songwriters of all time. On this CD you have eleven songs written by Steve Johnstone/George Madden, and two written by Steve Johnstone/Tom Comerford. Thirteen songs (and one bonus track) that you have never heard before, and having had the pleasure of recording them, I can tell you, not only are they funny, clever, quirky, and at times, heart-breakingly sad, but this project is by far, the best work that I have ever done.

But don’t take my word for it, have a listen, and decide for yourself.

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