A TOUR OF IRELAND – This CD is a result of the collaboration between a musician and a tour guide and the resulting work is an aural adventure, indeed the ultimate reminder of your Ireland vacation. On this project Tom has been joined by long time friend, and travel professional, Bill Dalton.

Sit back and relax with friends, and enjoy this virtual tour of the Emerald Isle. Immerse yourself in Bill Dalton’s dulcet tones as he takes you back to Ireland, reminding not just of some of the facts that you may have forgotten, but also of the fact as to why you went there in the first place.

Enjoy appropriate music from Tom, such gems as “Dublin in the Rare Old Times” “The Homes of Donegal”, “The Rose of Tralee”, “Limerick you’re a Lady”, and “The Mountains of Mourne”.  While sitting in your car, or at home, you can transport yourself back to Dublin, Cork, Waterford or Kerry.  Learn once again about the Cliffs of Moher, the wrenchingly remote but beautiful place they call Connemara, the lakes of Killarney, or how “Blarney” found itself being associated with the Irish. Have you forgotten how long the River Shannon is, can you not quite remember the significance of the Burren area, or would you like to refresh your memory regarding the 1916 uprising – it’s all here. .

This CD is a mine of information and is at once informative, interesting, and innovative. Be part of Bill and Tom’s excellent adventure, revel in this celebration of music, history and culture, but most of all relax and enjoy “A Tour Of Ireland”.


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1. The Capital City of Dublin (narration)

2. Dublin in The Rare Old Times

3. The Midlands (narration)

4. The Mountains of Mourne

5. Northern Ireland (narration)

6. The Homes of Donegal

7. The North West (narration)

8. The Mid West (narration)

9. Limerick You’re a Lady

10. Limerick & Tipperary (narration)

11. The Kingdom of Kerry (narration)

12. The Rose of Tralee

13. Cork & The South East (narration)

14. The National Anthem of Ireland {sung in Gaelic}