1. This Song for You

2. Which Craft

3. Time for Good-byes

4. Where I Belong

5. Don’t Give Up, Don’t Let Go

6. Just Passin’ Through

7. My Greatest Blessing

8. Sheila

9. Stand Up and Be Counted

10. Little House, Little Street

11. Older

12. Lunatic Hotel

FACE THE MUSIC – The ultimate expression of talent is to compose one’s own music, and then to lovingly craft the words to compliment it. On “Face The Music” you will find nine songs written by Tom (also two by Dan Maher and one by Brendan Doherty). So what can we expect from this CD? Well, first of all open your ears, your mind, and your heart because this is a new departure for Tom and you are invited to come along for the ride. On the way you will experience a little bit of country-rock, as well as some downright country, some soul and funk, some beautiful orchestration, lots of Celtic influences of course. Throw in a little bit of salsa, give the lead guitar player and the keyboard player, the brass section and in fact, the entire band, a little bit of space to express themselves. The result is a beautiful record, full of passion and hope, questions and thanks, awe and wonder the guest musicians have played their collective hearts out, while Toms vocals are absolutely brimming over with confidence. Which is only to be expected when you consider the fact that this is, indeed, his “pet” project.


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