GALWAY GIRL – One of the most popular Irish songs of the last decade, is of course, the Galway Girl. Here you will find Tom Comerford in his element!! This song is uptempo, it’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s supported by a cast of 15 others, some of which are new, and some of which have appeared on other CD’s that Tom has recorded way back in the past, and are now no longer available.

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1. Galway Girl

2. Black Velvet Band

3. Grace

4. Fields of Athenry

5. Wedding Song

6. Summer in Dublin

7. Leaving of Liverpool

8. Songs of Ireland

9. Curragh of Kildare

10. Homes of Donegal

11. Strawberry Beds

12. The Voyage

13. Water is Wilde

14. The Foggy is Dew

15. Limerick You’re A Lady

16. Country Roads