1. Molly Malone Sing-a-Long

2. The Rural Pub (Story)

3. Nobody Loves Like the Irish

4. The Irish Navy (Story)

5. No Nay Never Sing-a-Long

6. The Wake in the Pub (Story)

7. “Several” Drunken Nights

8. Gaelic Language (Story)

9. The “Potcheen” Song

10. Moonshiner Song

11. Long Way to Tipperary

Bonus Tracks
12. I.R.E.L.A.N.D

13. Star of the County Down

14. Ballad of Michael Collins

15. Sonny’s Dream

SONGS AND STORIES (LIVE) – Having entertained hundreds of thousands of people over the past number of years, one of the most commonly asked questions of Tom, is, “where can we get a CD that gives us the stories and songs, and the atmosphere of the performance we have just seen?”

Well, here it is folks, the songs, and stories, were recorded in front of a live audience, who wasn’t aware that they were being recorded, so all reactions on this CD are 100% natural. Enjoy!

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