CELTIC CLASSICS – If ever there was an introductory class for immersing yourself in classic Irish songs, then this is it!!! And what a fun school to attend as you will find yourself singing along with the infectious happy-go-lucky quality that Tom has brought to this album in the form of such songs as “The Wild Colonial Boy”, “Whiskey In The Jar”, “Irish Molly O”, “Wild Rover”.

Or maybe you’re they type of student who prefers the sobering and cultured quality of Toms voice on the more relaxing songs like “I’ll take You Home Again Kathleen”, “Toora Loora Loora”, “Forty Shades Of Green” and not forgetting of course, his now legendary acapella version of “Danny Boy”.

Whatever you need, whatever your mood, or whatever the occasion, you will find in abundance in this collection of 15 unforgettable Irish classic songs.

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1. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

2. When You Were Sweet Sixteen

3. Galway Bay

4. Forty Shades of Green

5. Molly Malone

6. Torra Loora Loora (Irish Lullaby)

7. Wild Rover

8. Danny Boy (acapella)

9. Irish Molly O

10. I`ll Take You Home Kathleen

11. Whiskey in the Jar

12. My Wild Irish Rose

13. The Wild Colonial Boy

14. Isle of Innisfree

15. If You`re Irish (come into the Parlor).